Technology for technology's sake is no longer enough today, and the line between business-to-business and business-to-consumer has blurred, your brand message must do more than reach your consumers; it must truly engage them.

With years of mission-critical interactive development for global companies, we have the skills and resources to design and implement successful digital marketing plans across multiple mediums. Regardless of budget, scope, or deadline, our proven development process helps guide projects to success. The following well-defined stages of this process help us to seamlessly integrate designs and presentations into your overall company strategy:
  • Discovery/Analysis
  • Strategy/Concept Development
  • Pre-Production
  • Design
  • Procurement and Production
  • Integration and Testing
  • Launch Campaign
  • Tracking and Support
Graphic Design
Graphic Design is the key to creating a positive impression on your prospective consumer or client. Most consumers make a yes or no decision about your business within seconds of seeing your marketing "look", be it your web page graphics, your logo design or business cards. That decision is based almost exclusively on the visual impact of your graphic design.
At OTS we help you design pieces that communicate your message clearly. Utilizing our considerable design experience along with the very latest graphic technology we create meaningful designs, creating maximum impact on your
target audience. In-depth knowledge of the latest technologies and platforms helps us to meet your brand's strategic and creative objective irrespective of whether it is a single project or a comprehensive long-term program.
Our ability to keep pace with changing technology and evolving industry needs has resulted in a growing number of engagements requiring sophisticated design solutions. We can also help you enter into
new markets with designs tailored to specific regions and business scenarios.
Multimedia is the creative combination of multiple medias combined into one interactive source.
Text - Graphics - Sound - Video - Animation.
At OTS we bring dimensional life to static images, words, and concepts to make them uniquely informative and entertaining. Whether on the Web, CD-ROM, DVD, broadcast video/film, set-top box or retail kiosk, we create experiences that provide unique interactivity and impact.
We use motion graphics to produce impactful interactive communications-from Web sites, television commercials, corporate and product DVD and CD-ROMs, to brand films, retail kiosks, online and set-top games, and logo animations. OTS creates engaging motion graphic multimedia solutions for companies seeking to influence markets and customers through digital experiences.
More than ever, technology companies are putting on a simpler, more accessible face while entertainment brands are using more technology tools to effectively promote their products. This strategic convergence to a more flexible and human middle-ground is where digital multimedia can provide new levels of interactivity and impact and, in today's saturated markets, is where OTS takes its clients. Regardless of industry or target, we create award-winning work that utilizes motion graphics that engage emotionally and intellectually.
With our experience, we can determine the most appropriate communication strategy that will take you to your desired market destination and do it in style.
Services Offered
  • Corporate Branding
  • Campaign Design
  • Promotional Packaging
  • Interactive / Non-interative Presentations
  • Digital Media Training packages